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Choose Kindsound for expert audiovisual services

For over a decade, Stephen Sockol traveled nationwide with bands to provide custom lighting and sound effects for gigs, festivals and concerts. He recently traded in his traveling shoes to start Kindsound, a audio and video consulting services. With a team of talented techs in support, Sockol now offers premium audiovisual services across the United States.


Let our business ramp up your business

Do you need audiovisual equipment for your conference room or restaurant? Kindsound offers custom tech solutions at wholesale prices. For over two decades, we’ve been installing audio displays, security cameras, lighting, projection devices, media software and video conferencing technology in retail stores, restaurants, bars, offices, spas and fitness centers.

Call Kindsound today to discuss your audiovisual design and installation needs with a practiced technology consultant.

Kindsound uses their connection to bring you the lowest prices

We’ve got them all so you can have clear, vibrant sound at your party, concert, gig or festival. State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment combined with our mad skills will put you on the fast track to recording and producing some of the truest and most authentic sounds possible. Our tech team:

Installs new audiovisual products and works with existing equipment.

Design, sale , project management, installation and service.

Sells state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including DJ gear, music software, recording software and lighting.

Whether you are rocking out in the garage with your pals or recording a studio demo, Kindsound will make sure you have the top-notch audiovisual equipment you need.